Professors & Lecturers

Webster Comenius
Gordon van der Veen, MBA Prof. RNDr. Jozef Komorník, DrSc.
Kent Wilson, MBA Ing. Zdenka Dubanová
Andrew Horsfield, M.A. Assoc. Prof. Michal Greguš, PhD.
Ing. Luba Habodaszova, M.A., PhD. Assoc. Prof. Eva Rublíková. PhD.
Anand Karunakaran, MBA Prof. Ing. Ján Rudy, PhD.
Elisabeth Cassels-Brown, M.A. Mgr. Branislav Vargic, PhD.
doc. Ing. Anna Pilková, CSc. MBA
Mr. Martin Vozár

Faculty members have received their qualifications from highly respected international institutions such as Katz Graduate School of Business University of Pittsburgh, Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Columbia University.

Most faculty members are employed in their fields of expertise making courses practical, relevant, and current. They bring their real life experience into the classroom.