Tuition is EUR 17.000 for the whole study

What is Included

  • School fee for all 7 trimesters
  • Instructional materials
  • On-site refreshment

[Travel expenses and other costs are the responsibility of the participant and/or the sponsoring company]

Installment Calendar

Total tuition for the Comenius - Webster Weekend Executive MBA program is EUR 17.000, i.e. payments for all 7 trimesters [2 and 1/3 years].

Tuition can be paid in a one-off payment [EUR 17.000 at once] or in trimester installments. For the latter possibility, this is the proposed installment calendar. It can be modified according to your needs.

  • 1. trimester: EUR 3000,-
  • 2. trimester: EUR 3000,-
  • 3. trimester: EUR 2500,-
  • 4. trimester: EUR 2500,-
  • 5. trimester: EUR 2000,-
  • 6. trimester: EUR 2000,-
  • 7. trimester: EUR 2000,-

Employer Participation - Sponsoring Companies

Ask your HR department or your direct superior - some companies substitute expensive HR and development programs with sponsorship of educational activities, such as MBA program attendance. Your employer can pay the tuition or a part of it in terms of employee development.


It is a common practice abroad to borrow money for educational purposes. Thus, we offer the possibility to do so via our commercial partner, Unibanka. a.s. under special conditions designed for our students. For more information, please contact our office.