Bratislava Case Challenge

The Bratislava Case Challenge 2008: International Management Game in Solving a Case Study

A competition in solving a case study is a continuation of an old tradition from the USA where law students solve simulation law trials. It has a form of a simulation game that has for many years been used as a tool of teaching at management schools.

In the Bratislava Case Challenge each team is usually comprised of four or five students. This year there will be the following participants: students of WEMBA program at FM CU along with graduate students of FM CU, Webster University MBA students and Szent István University from Hungary. All nine teams receive an identical case to be analyzed. This competition is based on the fact that in real-life conditions an organization or an individual is presented with a situation where it is necessary to quickly gather, evaluate, analyze and present information and conclusions. All teams receive information at the same time and all relevant information is available to them. It is expected that they use this information for a complex analysis and presentation of results. Team members can at the same time use any other source that they choose for getting other data or information.

Each team is provided with one room in which they work. There is a computer with necessary software and internet access for organizing and processing data and for preparation of final presentation with solutions. Teams are in charge of their own time management as well as distribution of tasks and responsibilities. They must present their work, analysis, conclusions and recommendations in the most professional way.

After a set time period of 8 hours, teams present their solutions to the jury. Judges are chosen from the business and industrial sectors as well as from among the lecturers of MBA at FM CU. It is not necessary that the jury members have detailed knowledge of the enterprise’s international environment portrayed in the case. In the first round, three juries comprised of MBA teachers choose the three top teams which will present their results in the final round to the new panel of judges comprised of representatives of Slovak organizations. Its task is then to select the winner of the whole event.

Date and time

Competition took place on April 11th – 12th 2008, in the building of Faculty of management Comenius University. Final round was held on April 12th 2008 in hotel Crowne Plaza.

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